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The therapeutic relationship is so important and I truly believe it is the main determinant of success and growth in therapy. It is imperative that you find someone you can relate to, someone who can hold the space for your thoughts and feelings.

I consider myself 1.5er, which means that bicultural issues have been a big part of my life. The 1.5 generation immigrant describes the experience of those who don’t quite fit in with those from the 1st generation (foreign born) or 2nd generation (American born). My place of birth is Vietnam. My childhood and adolescence were spent in Northern CA. Southern CA is where I grew into my adult identity. It’s been an interesting process learning to navigate two very different cultures and figuring out how I fit in with the rest of the world. For me, it took a lot of introspection, personal therapy, a few mistakes here and there, self-acceptance, and finally, celebration.

I aim to provide support and services that matches with the changing times. I will work with you from a social constructivist perspective. This is a more accepting approach of learning about human experiences.  This way of understanding informs me of how your unique environment and experiences have shaped who you are today and the challenges that may occur as a result. I am empathetic,  authentic and transparent in my work. I will collaborate with you to learn more about yourself, to learn new skills and to shift towards change. I seek to understand you as you see yourself and provide treatment that aligns with your strengths and values.

More on my formal training below.

MS, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy  – San Diego State University
BA, Human Development, Public Health and Social Issues – UC San Diego

Professional Awards
Mental Health Loan Assumption Program – San Diego County – 2014
Mental Health Loan Assumption Program – San Diego County –2013
MFT Consortium of CA State Recipient- Phillips Graduate Institute – 2012
MFT Consortium of CA County Recipient- San Diego County – 2012

Highlighted Clinical Training
Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference – 2017
Eating Disorders & Comorbidity – 2017
Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction – 2016
HIV/AIDS: Comprehensive Review – 2016
Multifaceted Challenges of Young Men Conference – 2015
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – 2014
Working with LGBTQ Youth – 2013
Depression Across the Lifespan: API Americans – 2013
Cutting Edge Biologic Therapies for Sexual Dysfunction – 2012
Undercover Anti-Bullying Teams – 2012
Motivational Interviewing Certification –  2010

Speaking Engagements 
Careers in Mental Health. University of CA San Diego. Panelist – 2015
Cultural Awareness in Mental Health: Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese. San Diego Regional Center. Presenter – 2015
Careers in Mental Health. San Diego State University. Panelist – 2014, 2015
Careers in Mental Health. San Diego Community College. Presenter – 2012

Professional Training 
Post Graduate Internship – Union of Pan Asian Communities – 2012-2015
Graduate Traineeship – Community Resource Foundation – 2011-2012
Graduate Practicum #2 – Hoover High School – 2011
Graduate Practicum #1 – San Diego State Community Clinic – 2010