Like compounding interests, therapy is an investment that can bring exponential gains. Starting earlier, rather than later, is highly encouraged.

First assessment session: $225 for 50 minutes
$175 per 50 minute session (individuals)
$260 per 75 minute session (couples or families)

Telehealth: I am able to offer HIPAA compliant video services.

Insurance: Most PPO plans will reimburse members for mental health services. Please call member services if you would like to use your out-of-network mental health benefits. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Are out-of-network providers accepted for  mental health services?
  2. What is my co-insurance rate (in percentages) for out-of-network provider?
  3. What is the allowable fee (aka UCR) for regular weekly sessions?
  4. How much do I pay towards my deductible before my benefits will apply?
  5. Do I need prior authorizations for office and/or telehealth services?
  6. Are there limits to how many sessions will be covered?

Payment: cash, FSA/HSA, all major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy: The full fee for appointments will be charged if no notice is given at least 48 hours prior to cancellation.

Questions? Please contact me.