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Individual Assessment Session: $260 for 50 minutes
Individual Session: $200 for 45 minutes

Couple/Family Assessment Session: $275 for 50 minutes
Couple/Family Session: $225 for 45 minutes
Couple/Family Session: $275 for 75 minutes

Sliding Scale: Not currently available. Instead of offering sliding scale, I give back via personal donations, donating my time and skills for communities of need and mentoring budding therapists.

Low Fee Options:
Open Path
Queer Life Space
CIIS-Golden Gate
Essential Workers Free/Low Fee Therapy

Telehealth: I am able to offer HIPAA compliant video services for clients within California. Not all issues are appropriate for video sessions.

Insurance: I am not in network with any medical insurance plan. Most PPO plans will reimburse members for mental health services. Please call member services if you would like to use your out-of-network mental health benefits. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Are out-of-network providers accepted for behavioral health services?
  2. What is my co-insurance rate (in percentages) for out-of-network providers?
  3. What is the UCR (usual and customary rate) for CPT code 90834 (this is the weekly session code) in zip code 94104?
  4. How much do I pay towards my deductible before my benefits will apply?
  5. How do I seek reimbursement for out of network services?

Payment: all major credit cards, FSA (flexible spending account), HSA (health savings account).

Cancellation Policy: The full fee will be charged if no notice is given at least 48 hours prior to appointment. Two missed appointments are allowed per quarter, missed appointments in excess will be charged at the therapist’s full fee.

Consultation and Supervision are available in the areas below:

Culturally Informed Therapy
Trauma Informed Therapy
Mental Health of Vietnamese Immigrants and Their Children
Treating Anxiety and Depression w/ 1.5-2nd Generation Clients
Treating Anxiety and Depression w/ Immigrant Clients
Training Therapists of Color (specifically Asian Therapists)
Safety and Crisis Response
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Narrative Therapy w/ Asian Americans
Working with Children of Divorced Parents
Co-parenting During Divorce and/or Separation
General Case Consultations and Supervision

Rates per 45 minutes:

$75 Therapists in Training
$100 Licensed therapists
$200 Non-Profit Corporations
$300 For-Profit Corporations

Questions? Please contact me.