Pride Parade 2016

I’m so very excited to announce my new practice in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco! After a short hiatus from closing practice in San Diego in the Summer of 2015, I’m finally ready to begin my work in this colorful and historical city. To kick off this practice, I’m offering a reduced fee to anyone looking for mental health services. See my “Rates” page for more information.

Having only moved here recently, I was lucky enough to enjoy the famous Pride parade that connected many people from different paths of life. The one message I heard loud and clear was that acceptance was key, no matter one’s gender preference, sexual orientation, religion, or identity. I was moved watching the many participants marched to bring awareness to the idea that different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. The parade gave me hope in a time when our future seem so uncertain. I feel so honored to have witnessed such an inspiring march with great significance, especially after the tragic event in Orlando.

If you or anyone you know is affected by the events in Orlando, please see resources below for help. If you need mental health services due to the events of Orlando, I will work with you on a sliding scale basis.




Community Forum:

Support group for queer youth of color:

Pulse Victim’s Fund:

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